An Interview with Anne Waldman – Performing at PTNYC Fundraiser

Meet Anne Waldman who, on Saturday, March 2nd, will be performing at Poetry Teacher NYC’s fundraiser at The Comedy Bar:

Anne Waldman. Photo by HR Hegnauer

  • What’s the importance of a creative/performative culture ( in NY, America, Globally, Locally…)?

Performance crosses borders, transnational and international, and is part of a thriving collaborative culture all over the world as well. It is part of the art of listening, and engagement with the acoustics of language, and the subtleties of harmonics and tone. There is tremendous diversity in these worlds of performance. It may also be empowering as a stand against the death and commodification culture that threatens life on this planet more and more every day. It is not a Theatre or Stage of War.

  • What do you hope an audience takes away from your work?

An energy in manifesting one’s own creative spirit in the world. And an inclination toward poetry, music and community. That the experience would guide one to the books and even scholarship and an investigation of the various threads and practices of the New American Poetry and other “outrider” cultures, beyond. And appreciates the legacy of the Beat literary movement, it’s efficacy and politics, and wants to take that spirit of investigation and inquiry further. More women! One might also seek out “temporary autonomous zones” of activity : The Poetry Project in NYC, Naropa University’s Summer Writing Program, and many more venues for poetry, music, theatre, film.

  •  How do you think having a Poet and/or Artist as a teacher can affect what/how someone learns?

The teaching from a poet and artist comes from first hand experience and practice in the world. The commitment and struggle become both realistic and inspiring. A poet/artist in the classroom may help cut through competition, static, standardization, a conservative agenda and work with the individual talents of the students. A poet artist can help with arts infra-structure as well creating libraries, art exhibits, little magazines, reading and performance series, and the like.


Please come support PTNYC and see Anne perform THIS saturday, March 2, at the Comedy Bar.

To learn even more about Anne Waldman, visit her website

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