After David Lawton’s reading @ Milk & Roses.

by: Aimee Herman

courtesy of Three Rooms Press

courtesy of Three Rooms Press

I first met David Lawton in February of 2011 in a barn in Long Island. Two subways and the LIRR took me to a station where I was to be picked up by another poet, the magnificent poet George Wallace. I remember noticing David’s hair first: so thick and lustrous. Then, he opened his mouth. To hear his theatrical poetics in this small barn in nowheresville, Long Island, I felt as though I was experiencing something unique and life-changing. David used to host/curate a weekly open mic at the Jujomukti Tea Lounge in NYC. He still creates spaces for other poets each time he takes a stage and shares his musical and magical language. Last week, in a dark bar called Milk & Roses on a Wednesday, it was just like the first time. Except this time David was celebrating the birth of his new book of poetry, Sharp Blue Stream. On this night, he still shook the walls and removed nails from the floor with the teeth of his sharp poems. He is a force. He is forceful. He is what I hope to be each time I take to a stage: thought provoking and body shaking.

His new book is a journey of music, love, loss, and the correspondence of memory.It is beautiful and narrative and must be in every poet and readers’ hands.

So, if you missed him this time around, shame on you. Alas, this is New York. And there will be other times to catch this illuminating poet. Search him out in barn, bar, and the places in between. You will not be disappointed.

In the meantime, get out your rolodex or calendar or post-its surrounding your desk. Make sure to make PTNYC’s next open mic and be a part of this unique revolution.

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