Alum Shane Hanlon Speaks about the PTNYC Workshop Experience



Poetry classes are not just for those who want to be poets.  The best poetry is honest poetry, especially when it comes to performance.  To write a poem is neither storytelling or using your thesaurus to find a clever word, it is to truly express yourself.  Anyone can write a good poem and to do so is extremely therapeutic.  You could do this on your own but to do it in a group of peers and then share your work is the next step in the process—to bare yourself.  I did not take the course with Poetry Teachers NYC because I want to be a poet and be respected as an artiste, I did it because I write and wanted to share my work and to meet others in the same boat.  I recommend this course just as much for those who want to improve their writing as for those who have never written a poem before.
Some of the benefits of the course for me were:
-I met other people writing in NY and formed new friendships.
-I was pushed to write more- I went from a making one poem a month to one-a-week with the assignments and because my instructors and peers inspired me they were just as good as the once a month pieces.
-Learned new tricks about writing through the assignments, i.e. one day we all walked around the Bowery writing about what we saw and then rejoined and shared our findings.
-Learnt how to better read my work in front of an audience- every week we would share out work on the stage and then critique each other.
-I heard some great poems each week.


Shane Hanlon will be performing 4.12.14 at Pomegranate Gallery in SoHo Click Here to Attend.

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