An(other) Howl

by: Aimee Herman


ginsbergAwake to the sound of body’s howl: Ahhwooooooooooooooh.

Competition of bus screech, glass break, dog bark, birds, wind, bird, tree rustle, sip of coffee, exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, airplane, cough, coffee sip, bird, dog bark, tear push from eye socket, drop, gulp, airplane, door slam, window down, birds, wind, repeat repeat repeat.

Ginsberg said: first thought best thought and today I think about hitching my life away toward a yurt.

If there is something you do not like, hide it beneath over-the-counter surgery called bandage. It may be difficult to breathe when one self-amputates limbstongueuterusbreasts but at least the control was yours.

Is there a room big enough for everyone’s trauma to walk through the door and feel welcome.

Ginsberg said: America, I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel and I want to know what he did with the rest of his angles.

Everything will eventually collect dust, so walk around beneath sheer bag to ward away the particles of forgetting.

How much of that flower do you understand. When was the last time you watered your memory to watch it grow to watch it wilt to watch it break off into the air like a extracted rubber from tire wheel.

Wind can chime when banged up against enough. There are so many bruises in the air; we are too far inside it to notice all the purple and swelling.

Ginsberg said: Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness so I spend all weekend with nails, hammer and found wood from Brooklyn dumpsters in order to build a ladder tall enough to whisper to the moon: I may have waited too long for this.

Are my noises on anyone’s list today.


Howl! with us on June 1st in Tompkins Square Park. We are the Soapbox Poets. We are the humans who hunt the howl out from our core. Hunt with us. Noon to 6pm. And keep the howls alive like thunder.

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