because your face told me

A poem by Poetry Teachers NYC CEO Megan DiBello


I’m sick of settling for lips

Off another body’s touch

I’ve got hands of my own

Off an attempt to feel wanted

I like the way I look

Off wanting of invitation

I am more content alone

Off drawing up energy to perform

I remember when I used to be a loner in high school

Off having to know where the cool places are

I am really good at directions I’ve been walking these streets

before these lots became buildings especially Chelsea/ Williamsburg /New York in general

Off emotions that are driven by guilt and not wanted

I bet people always think I’m active my sister told me I have an overly active lifestyle

Off having the right attitude or facial expression

I don’t always pay attention I usually realize my affect on another persons face

Off being used

Off being sexed up

Off feeding off my energy

Off kissing getting off kissing kissing my own lips

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