Collaborative Poem From “Let’s Talk Form” Workshop 5.17.15

Thank you to our students who participated in one or two days of our workshop “Let’s Talk Form”. This poem is a result of Mary Dwyer, Yi Wu, Daniel Dissinger, Aimee Herman, and Megan DiBello’s writing. We created this piece writing simultaneously in a Google Document writing at the same time, interrupting, merging, and erasing language to correct and dilate form. Enjoy!


She  carefully

                        says that

now we all are emotionally

                        plagued   (contagious through kneebone and dentura)

and implanted dentata

dear charlie,

we haven’t met because i swallowed you whole, but this is for you.

(in walks a yellow plastic covering for memories. Like a tent of somatic stunting)

and no king has a healing touch me babe BA DA BA DAAAA can’t you seeeee

            Mitus | Julius | Alexander

even on reality TV

            this thing called THE VOICE, my poor signal from satellite can only receive disembodied voices

Dear Kerouac,

I saw you down by the Country Time with a tea bag in the sugarpot

 I told you I made the Ice Tea yesterday…. DUH

so much critique based off of emotion

            new study says: technology gives off emotional rays … DERP


            based off of


            Talented Notions of talons and teatime (how can an herb tell time?), poppy seed tea, that is

not enough to elevate the earspace static

to something more than a warm q-tip rubbing

            but isn’t ear-wax-SNOT-fun-to-play-with?

his hunger was punctured by the sound of a child’s cancer blanket

            today we call it SUNSHINE by pop-sick-ullllll

rubbing against dry skin

imprinting the pillows of borrowed lovers

            I can tell you didn’t wash your face today

your teeth still smell

                                    your tongue is hungry

but your intestines do protest

            give the people something to smoke

you don’t see people burning books anymore

            true religion is in the bottom of a bottle

where the genie is worshipped before it came out

Don’t draw on paper– it’s illegal to call a crayon a home

No more hills to cross for the nomad

            Like the Oregon Trail as a kid knits thumbs against joystick

Playing on Early computers

            An engineer insisted on key change

Xerox this into the new APPLE (fiona, what a poet) – not Adam’s

dear charlie,

“when the apples first fell, the ground did not know how

                                    how            | like a DUMMIES book

                                                to eat  (them)” Tarnished like a Burnt Marsh Mellow

                                                                        eaten from campfire which burned me to a skeleton where children were quite spooked by such spectacle

finding their toys hidden under ice

clamoring home without shoes

this is how the world

recognizes pleasure

upon the callouses of excited feet

read your fortunes

before dinner

and starve

            Ghost in the closet, who named it a closet anyway, what a weird word (name) for a ghost

[understudy removes bullet from beneath clitoris and calls it something else:

I try to name my thoughts,

Dear charlie, you’re late  and so am I.

(rubs belly for further emphasis of womb rot)

Dear charlie,

the bones have yet to form but I can feel the light has little to do with my throat

so kick of my death swallow me like a pack of swallows

apparently we matter

no we don’t

All the fruit flies swarm and spill out from within, ripe for the conundrum

to nuke or not to nuke, for something is certainly rotten

dear charlie,


phased out & skin clearly tasting like skin

Cognitive dissonance and the smoke alarm BELLOWS

            beauty is more than socrates, i think he has corn stuck in his tooth or is that his tooth?

                        New Synapsis like a synagogue of atheists

Don’t call fire in a crowd at a Wal-Mart– salaries are now donated to fire drills

and drill bits and tooth-drills

            you need to e a carpenter, get paid 80k, to even make a house clean

I heard Dishwashers are on Sale to Clean your Soul

            Yeah, HI, That was an appointment

Don’t you hear the baby?

No, NO, they are here, they got here just now… crawling like a dog walks, yeah OK, OK, you got it!

but there is not enough lemon scented bleach to remove the stains of sixteen through now

            Forget washing by hand

                                                            foreplay for fourteen years of misery

don’t forget the whitening toothpaste and the mouthwash

dear charlie,

here is where my fibula was sucked on by a priest named truck driver

            aren’t there WHORES who believe in god these days?

and where the headlights flooded the front seat

            yeah, something light colored, don’t buy a black-light-and-call-it-SON

            where your wrist guard to bed

                        fight off blankets like your fathers voice like a sharp wrist bone sticks into soft belly and it’s lovely to know you now

            named you ELVIS

Peanut-Butter– Jelly Time, no wait

            The sandwich

The ELVIS who wears no white gloves calls me into his office

            He tells me the sandwich is really : Peanut | Butter | Banana

                                    Obviously he is from Vegas

Betting his luck on political events after eviction from nearby Burning Man

Dear Harry Reid,

you’re my honey pie a Max Brenner creation of bald money and a wrist watch

            Instructions on  Life: always never leave home without chocolate

                        2. Always never leave home without your hair piece

                                    3. Always never leave home eating a burnt pizza

                                                4. always never eat without giving the chewed particles away

or the alkaline (TRIO, that was a band right? ) infusion of tongue-scraping–think of where your mouth has been

(subway poles, cat backs, spinal taps, hair pull, choke grunt,

locker steam)



dear charlie,

did you know that one third of every breath is birthed out of insulin and tarp

did we already know how

not to cut deeply without

dramatic thirst

for platelets and maps

if we were to get lost now

where is this blow apart jawbone

                                             yeah FREUD was

a coke-

head, sniff


Even now         weighted here     waiting for lightning     wait for mouth open and crush my skeleton

         Dummber- there’s a cinema in the milk-dud box

tooth-stuck and dark in the corners where they say the jive shit

goes down and gets stuck into the cheap cloth seats

Dear Charlie, some call me MAY-DAY-MAY- DAY, I don’t know why they use me for help

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