Far From Jumping’s Daniel Broudhurst

Danny B_Far From Jumping

Danny B_Far From Jumping

Danny Broudhurst is one part of the Experimental-Electronica-Rock band Far From Jumping.  Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, the members of Far From Jumping have been hard at work meddling with a variety of sounds, genres, and uniquely organic approaches to musical expression to create their unmatched sound.  On March 2nd, Far From Jumping will be performing at The Comedy Bar for Poetry Teachers NYC’s fundraiser/Kickstarter launch!  For more information about Far From Jumping visit their website FarFromJumping.com.

  • What’s the importance of a creative/performative culture important to (NY, America, Globally, Locally…)?

I choose to use creativity as a language to connect those who speak my inner dialogue and express my experiences with those who are able to listen, share and understand what I know.  Sometimes a strong community will follow and support certain ideas that will eventually cross globally to an audience and other artists that share my views and also become aware of a language they may or may not have known.  We become divided for many reasons but a large part is language so, it is super important to find other methods to speak to people and keep us connected.

  • What do you hope an audience takes away from your work?
Far From Jumping

Far From Jumping

I want my audiences to be filled with love and laughter. To understand perspective and decide how forms of art connects us all together and give us a hint that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, however dark and tormented we can all feel.

  • How do you think having a Poet and/or Artist as a teacher can affect what/how someone learns? 

Poets and other artists in general, are familiar with a language and the techniques required to tell a story, paint a picture or score a life’s soundtrack to what is happening in and around the world with us as individuals or as a collective group. We have the same ideas, needs (and wants) but find it sometimes hard to express what we need or feel at that moment. This therefore could prevent us from reaching important goals. A teacher with such skills to interpret and then communicate it to a classroom will improve how we progress in the future and keep the cycle of life rolling along with a better knowledge to find what makes us tick, connect and hopefully happier.


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