Getting Those Creative Juices: PTNYC Poetry and Wine Workshop is a SMASH

Poets love wine. And not just because we’re a band of Bacchae, but because wine is naturally poetic. Deep, rich, and wonderfully nuanced. It’s the beverage of the bard.

Last night, PTNYC hosted a spirited workshop at The Yard in Brooklyn, NY, during which students were assigned to oh so arduous task of explicating tasty “texts” chosen by our faculty, from amongst a fabulous selection generously donated by our friends at The Brooklyn Winery.

Brooklyn Winery for PTNYC

At Poetry Teachers NYC, we define “poet” as any maker/do and arbiter of expression. So we thought we’d start things off with a little artistic exercise to get the creative and interpretive juices flowing (literally). Students created their own Rorcshach-esque works of art with their cups as their pallettes.

PTNYC Poetry and Wine Workshop

We dove into penning our vine-inspired verses, and opened up the floor for sharing. The results were nothing short of poetic genius (at least in our buzzed-on-inspiration minds!)

PTNYC poetry and wine workshop - reading

Many thanks to The Brooklyn Winery for providing the vinter-spirations, The Yard for sharing their wonderful space, and all students and faculty who made this such a successful event. Cheers!

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