How to Spend a Sunday (by Aimee Herman).

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. You want to know why? Can’t I tell you?

On Sunday, I wake without alarm. I’m already lying and we barely know each other. Let’s try this again.

On Sunday, I permit myself to sleep in but the alarm in my body wakes me. I’m too excited. I’ve got the second half of the New York Times waiting for me on my doorstep. I’ve got coffee that either waits for me to make it or waits for me to purchase it at local cafe. I’ve got nothing but time.

There are some Sundays where I’ve got papers to grade or class prep to write, but usually, I try to leave this day for bike riding or long walks or ukelele time on park benches.

That is one way to spend a SundayAnother way is to go to a poetry reading.

WAIT! Not just any poetry reading..

This one has live music and collaboration between poets and singers and performance artists and improvisational word slingers and….

Aimee Herman (hey that’s me)
Shawn Randall (if you have never seen this mastermind perform, well, HERE is your chance. His voice will melt you)
The Mayhem Poets (described as “The Simpsons” meets Malcolm X at a Notorious B.I.G concert)
Daniel Dissinger (PTNYC teacher, published poet, and remixer of language that will wrap around you like a thousand emotional ribbons)
Steve Dalachinsky (what to say about this highly published and thought-provoking poet besides he will blow you away)
Rocco & Lizzie (my favorite Queens band……co-featuring PTNYC founder Megan DiBello and beautiful bad ass Colin Clough)
Yuko Otomo (a poet who drips with such beautiful metaphors and imagery)
Jane LeCroy (whose voice marinates in harmonized instruments, who is a poet who will charm every cell on your body)

On Sunday, May 31st, Poetry Teachers NYC is teaming up with The Bowery Arts and Sciences to bring you The Read Balloons Symposium. This is not going to be your standard reading. Collaborating with NYC’s top Poets, along with the new musical sensation Rocco & Lizzie. The Read Balloons Symposium is a two part creative event: Half impromptu improvisation, Half features, all supported by the music of Rocco& Lizzie. Poetry Teachers NYC hopes to create a sonically collaborative experience, which will bond audience and performers together under one universal language. Let’s Make Some Noise! 

Come to 308 Bowery in NYC and join all of us at 3:30pm. Another way to spend a Sunday.

It’s $10 online and $15 at the door, so save some money and plan ahead!!!

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