On June 1st from 12pm-5pm come and contribute six minutes to the urban language gallery of Tompkins Square Park in commemoration for Allen Ginsberg’s Howl.  Let’s take our soap boxes and drive the “go” out of the edges of the park and as Ginsberg says with ink to the air:

“who sang out of their windows in despair, fell out of the subway window, jumped in the filthy Passaic, leaped on negroes, cried all over the street, danced on broken wineglasses barefoot smashed phonograph records of nostalgic European 1930s German jazz finished the whis- key and threw up groaning into the bloody toilet, moans in their ears and the blast of colossal steamwhistles..” (AG)

There is no greater parade of the voice that carries many tunes then that of poetry. So for all of your poets-line writers-note takers-journal keepers-singers-yellers-I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! people -this is your time.  Share the vision of this creative generation. Do the alphabet proud, whichever one you believe in, and come out and represent what HOWLing form the park means to you.

Here is some more Ginsberg inspiration from HOWL:

“Minds! New loves! Mad generation! down on the rocks of Time! Real holy laughter in the river! They saw it all! the wild eyes! the holy yells! They bade farewell! They jumped off the roofl to solitude! waving! carrying flowers! Down to the river! into the street!”

If you are interested in performing here is what you have to do:

1. A brief bio.

2. An author photo emailed to 300 dpi as a jpeg attachment

With photographer name to credit and permission to use for promotion purposes.

3. Poet’s email and phone

Can’t wait to hear & see everyone’s GO GO GO’s!!




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