Lauren Raheja Poem “The Coffee Gallery”





Photo on 8-18-13 at 3.38 PM

We are the community we support. NY bound or across other state lines,  we will always believe in our students, keep in touch, and heck, love sharing their amazing poems. We are happy to post Lauren’s wonderful poem “The Coffee Gallery.” About Lauren, she lives in St. Paul, MN and works as a garden coordinator for a food justice organization and edits poetry for Whistling Shade. She has a BA in anthropology from Reed College and Bob Dylan lyrics tattooed proudly across her left forearm. Her nonfiction has appeared in City LimitsBrooklyn The Borough and Grist and her poetry in Keep This Bag Away From Children.


There’s nothing confrontational

about his gaze, directly

at the camera, in his poncho

and mustache.

There’s an inquisitiveness, though, a reaching,

and a mirror

reflects the left side of his face in such a way that

it feels like we’re cheating. Midway

between a sombrero and a fedora, his hat’s

directly beneath a skylight; it’s day.

An empty beer glass, the kind with a wide mouth

you’d drink a pilsner from, sits

as though a glass can be content

on the shallow ledge near his elbow. Not even

the ancient rain would know

what he is thinking,

not even the ancient rain would know.

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