Monday’s Vision Test

by: Daniel Dissinger

monday    there’s a need for inspiration    a need for WORDS and more WORDS and sometimes just    SILENCE    today    I start teaching a 3 week Creative Writing course at SUNY College at Old Westbury    and I’ve been thinking—WHAT/WHY/HOW do I come to the eyeWRITING SPACE?

and then I see these words by Jack Kerouac, from his book Some of the Dharma:

If you were not here

To see the world

With your special

Conditioned eyes

What makes you think

It would look like that?  (Kerouac 7)

WHAT/HOW/WHY does the world LOOK this way to me    I see it with words and scattered litterings    images of buildings and fragmented bodies    I see the world    OR    HOW I believe the world should look    from a distance such as this    from a nakedness such as this    from a formlessness which is form and less of form and form less than jumping into and/or away from and/or collision(s)

so    I will start here/there    think(ing) about my class’s beginning(s)    the start of NEW writing JOURNEYS    and place my pen in hand along with my students    and pen a world I view from these special eyes.


**FYI: This Wednesday, don’t miss Thomas Fucaloro & Ryan Buynak @ Milk and Roses!**

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