Poetry 101 Fall Workshop With Aimee Herman

Poetry Teachers NYC believes that poetic confidence and mastery comes out of a structured tiered

approach, not with random undefined workshops.  Moving through a tiered poetics program builds a

foundation for students and continually challenges them towards a well-defined end instead of leaving

them out in the middle of a creative wasteland wondering what to do next.  Poetry Teachers NYC

provides the necessary support, educational tools, and community building tools to not only introduce

students to a rich poetic knowledge, but also to usher them into an expanding community of writers in

New York City.


The Poetry Teachers NYC Program concentrates on cultivating a student’s knowledge of poetic texts to

provide a foundational knowledge of traditional and modern writing in the field, working on a student’s

writing voice with intensively interactive workshops and writing exercises, and making students

comfortable with the performance aspect of being a poet.  A part of the educational part of the program,

students will be encouraged to attend NYC open mics, readings, and creative events in order to learn

networking and community building skills.


Poetry 101: Strengthening Your Creative CORE

For four Saturdays over four weeks, this course will provide students with the foundational knowledge

necessary in order to begin the journey to discover their creative selves.  Students will engage traditional

and modern poetry, essays on writing process, and engage discussion on poetics.  The other half of the

class will be dedicated to writing exercises, assignments, and in-class workshops.


After four weeks:

 Students will have gained a knowledge of poetic texts ranging in time periods.

 Students will have the ability to interpret, discuss, and apply these texts to their respective creative aesthetics.

 Students will have finished a small series of poems (3-5 poems), which will be included in their writing portfolios.

 Students will have had a one-on-one session with their teacher where they will discuss their writing.

 Students will finish a personal reflection about how they walked in as a writer and how they are walking out of the class as a writer.  This will also include what they still need to work on as a creative.

 Students will perform at a graduation show at a major NYC venue. Finishing all of these requirements is necessary in order to move to Poetry 201.  If the student fails to successfully finish the class, they will have to pay to retake the course the next time it is offered.


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