‘The Preserves’ Spoken Word Video by Shane Hanlon & Evan Brown

The Preserves: Spoken Word Poetry by Shane Hanlon from Evan Brown on Vimeo.

Shane O’Hanlon is a Long islander, graduated Suma Cum Laudi from Queens College, and subsequently served in The Peace Corps.  He also worked for Save-A-Child in Calcutta, India and was this year’s Rookie of the Year at Habitat for Humanity, N.Y.C. 
He has written creatively since he could first hold a pen winning his first competition in 4th grade by remixing Cupid &Psyche using characters in his classroom.  Poetry is his preferred method for writing because it is open and emotive.
Film is shot and edited by child hood pal, Evan Brown, who in the last 3 years has been the Director of Video Production for Brooklyn based production company “dreambear.” 
About the piece Shane says, “Sometimes you walk past a place that just sticks with you. The rest of the day that place sporadically flashes through your mind as if you missed something, as if you were supposed to have stopped back there – kinda like those Shinto shrines the Japanese worship, a place of restless old spirits. Well, I went back to one and tried to express my thoughts.”
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