PTNYC Interviews the GIGA Herbs for 4.12.14 Event

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1.  What led all of you to create this band together? Can you write a Hemingway’esque 6 word story of The Giga Herbs’ existence?

What leads you to breath? What leads the universe to spin? What led the muck of dirt to make the being? We started playing together for fun. After playing together a few times at a studio by a prison we found the music process generally easy and fun. We then got an opportunity to get our own room at a moldy practice studio so we took it. This band is just pure fun,intensity and silliness. 6 words. Middleclass-crumb-spirit factory-donut shop-PKD-dump collective.

2. Giga Herbs is a hybrid of so many musical styles. Can you talk about some of the threads that have sewed their way into your songs?

Our music focuses a lot on middle class longing, space, post 9/11 life, pornography, food, internet-based-despair, demons,dead pets, dead lovers and pizza. We try to take this subject matter and really aim for a dance song…but we aren’t really great at that so it ends up being some weird sounding experimental stuff which is bad ass too, whatever!

3. Last year, you took your first tour, traveling toward and into Montreal. How did your audiences on that tour differ from the ones in New York?

New York is the mecca, but in general, every crowd in NY is similar. On our tour we got to experience a wide range of fan. Vermont was by far the sweetest crowd. The folks in Montpilliar did not give a shit! They were drunk rowdy lovable fools who looked like they would beat the shit out of you but gave you a hug and bought you a shot instead. We triangulated and connected with a band in the Vermont scene by the name Spitjack and their hospitality was truly something not experienced in New York. These guys who, beyond Facebook message exchanges, didn’t know us; let us (a van filled with 2 bands) come into their home(where they live!), drink their beer, smoke their smokables, pet their pups and eat their food. That shit does not happen in New York…in New York you’re lucky if someone throws a PBR your way accompanied with a smile. Montreal was super cool too. The people in that city are really friendly. We hooked up with a band called Motel Raphael, a group of soulful songbirds. It felt like family out there, one of the members of Motel plays a xylophone or a vibraphone, but he needed help pushing it from one part of the city to the gig; stuff like that creates kinship.  We shared a bag of doritos on a street corner…. but the crowd in Montreal was fun too. One guy let the bassist of giga herbs ride his bike drunk around the city just for putting on a good show. Each place has its own vitality and its own people that make a show special and each show no matter what it is, is just that:special!

4. How does poetry influence/play a part in your music making?

This is an interesting question. We don’t know if there is a direct correlation but aspects of poetry are undeniably found in song and vis-a-vis as well. Our song writing is like poetry writing in that we use different methods to generate an intention or desired sound or affect. So some of our songs may have a distinct groovy-dancy part but the words accompanying it will be about some ridiculous subject matter. That combination could be considered a poetic choice… pairing of opposite feelings. Truly, the poetry comes in with the listener. Folks always come up to us after shows and tell us their interpretation to a song and sometimes it is beyond expectation. When we were playing Froggin (off our 1st album Mad Weird) in heavy rotation a person in one audience came up to us and guessed that Froggin was about, “having sex with a girl”. At the time Froggin was little more than a silly attempt at a dance song about being a frog…but if you listen to the lyrics it is kind of undeniable that it may be about sex. So now when people ask us what it is about we will always rotate the meaning. Honestly sometimes you just don’t know…. you make a song with an idea in mind and it turns into something else…that is probably the most poetic part of the giga herbs song writing process. We start at one place and end up somewhere else while in the process going 10 different directions. Giving up control is poetic and our songs definitely grow their own limbs and walk away.







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