Singer Bonnie Cannon-Brown to Perform at PTNYC Fundraiser


This lady is a name to be known in New York. Bonnie Cannon-Brown will be singing this saturday at Poetry Teachers NYC’s Fundraiser. Let’s get the inside scoop of what Bonnie thinks about Music, Poetry and Art:

  • What’s the importance of a creative/performative culture (in NY, America, Globally, Locally…)?

“My favorite creative experiences have happened mostly on the local level in my hometown. I was lucky enough to grow up with a really awesome community theatre and live band atmosphere in my town.  Community theatre and small local bands are such an amazing part of the artistic world. It is people doing theatre or music or poetry or writing simply because they love it.

  • How do you think having a Poet and/or Artist as a teacher can affect what/how someone learns?

I think Poets and Artists view the world in an incredibly special way. They see beauty that others pass by. Having them as teachers helps open everyone’s eyes to the beauty of the world.

  • What do you hope an audience takes away from your work?

I hope that my audience takes away the meaning of my songs. What the songs are saying to them. I know what they say to me and hope to evoke some sort of emotional response from my audience, but what I want them to take away is their own interpretation of the songs I have sung. ” –BCB

Come hear Bonnie croon this Saturday at our fundraiser!

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