Summer Project #1: Finish That Manuscript By: Nancy Stohlman

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*Tuesday, June 25th at 7 pm MST, join me for a 30-min FREE WORKSHOP PREVIEW.

Summer Project #1: Finish That Manuscript

Each book we write brings us closer to understanding how to write a book. What phase of the finishing process are you in? And…what’s it costing you to not finish? Three Types of “Finishing”

1. Crossing the Finish Line. In this phase, you’re creating, allowing, and writing yourself to the finish line of that first draft, where you can write The End and give yourself that well deserved glass of port.

In this phase you need the support, motivation, and committment to get to the end. A first draft is like a lump of clay—it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be complete before you can start shaping it into the grand vessel it will become.

2. Alligator Wrestling. In this phase you’ve finished a first draft and now you’re in the revision—re-visioning—process. Re-vision. Seeing again. Sometimes it’s hard to see your manuscript with fresh eyes—like looking for your sunglasses when they’re on your head. Yet the true writing magic usually happens in revisions.

In this phase you need new ways of seeing your manuscript differently, both in pieces and as a whole, as well as identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and inviting the potent potential of unexpected possibilities into your work.

3. Becoming a Player. In this phase you and your manuscript prepare to enter the public arena, and the “finishing” has just as much to do with you as a professional. This is the point where we usually long for an agent to swoop in and do all the uncomfortable work of promoting ourselves, but the catch here is that if we want to be taken seriously, we have to start playing seriously.

In this phase you need help with promotional and professional materials including bios, queries, how and why to excerpt, and learning how to avoid the mistakes of looking like an amateur—regardless of your publishing goals.

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Summer Project #1: Finish That Manuscript!

An Online Writing Workshop with Nancy Stohlman

Do you have a manuscript you’ve been sitting on forever? Are you stuck in the writing phase or in the revision process? Most of us are better at starting manuscripts than we are at finishing them. But it’s only when we can conceive, create, and bring our projects to fruition that we begin to master the longer form known as a book.

In this 4-week virtual workshop I’ll give you the deadlines you might need, help you structure your writing time into your life, help you transition more easily between creation and revision, and help you become your own best editor. Whether you are planning to submit or self publish, you’ll learn writing tips, editorial and publication advice, how to excerpt and query, and even when to let a manuscript go. And most importantly, you’ll finally rescue your work from the desk drawer and give yourself the satisfaction of completion.

The workshop format will include weekly online instruction, telephone check-ins, and professional line edits (limited). Both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts are welcome.

Are you ready?

·         Four week session begins Monday, July 1.

·         $149 workshop tuition ($75 due upon registration)

·         Bring a friend discount—10% off if you sign up with a friend

·         Available seats: 15

To apply, send the first page of your manuscript as well as a bio/statement of intent to

Deadline June 30.


Nancy Stohlman is the author of two novels, Searching for Suzi (Monkey Puzzle Press, 2009), and The Monster Opera (forthcoming Bartleby Snopes Press, 2013), and the editor of four anthologies, including Live From Palestine and Fast Forward: The Mix Tape, which was a finalist for a 2011 Colorado Book Award.  In 2004 she founded To Get The Words Right Manuscript Editing, in 2007 she co-founded Fast Forward Press, and over the last 10 years she has helped hundreds of writers bring their manuscripts to completion and move confidently into the public arena. She lives and teaches writing in Denver, writes a semi-weekly blog, Ask A Flash Fiction Editor, and is the proud author of many, many manuscripts in drawers. Read more at

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