Hear it Straight from the Poet’s Mouth!

What students say about Poetry Teachers NYC


Poetry Teachers NYC designs its monthly poetry classes to maximize interaction between students and instructors while creating a sense of community. It has been our immense pleasure to work with such diverse and talented poets. Read real reviews (transcribed verbatim) from students who have participated in PTNYC workshops:

This class has been such a rewarding experience.  The three instructors—you all have a real connection and bond that I certainly felt in class.  I felt lucky to receive your individual feedback.  It’s not often that you get three instructors and fellow poet in one class.  Amazing!  I loved the intimacy.  We all got equal time to perform and share our poetry. 

If anything, I wouldn’t mind more specific criticism if you think I need to remove certain lines.  I am so grateful to meet you and be exposed to your writing and experience.  I would love to keep in touch because it was such an intimate class.

I enjoyed the insightful, constructive criticism of my work.  I learned so much in so short a time.  Coming into this workshop I didn’t have any idea that whatever I learned was going to be useful to me.  However, being open-minded, I, like a sponge, soaked up all of the interaction and sharing of intellectual viewpoints and concepts on enhancing my writing skills.  

I would recommend and will recommend this workshop to any aspiring writer I know of.  I was very impressed by each instructor’s feedback, in short order, to our writings and presentations.  I will return.

This, for me, was a wonderful experience!  And a big deal for me to try and write “a poem” and speak my own words.  Perhaps unhelpfully, I have very few critiques.  I appreciate how you all leave space for our own voices while also giving us helpful feedback.  The biggest thing I took away from this was how important it is to find an authentic self in voice, writing, and ways of getting past poet’s block.  Thank you, thank you!

Repeated performance with direction or suggestions of emphasis—Great! Writing exercises—Great (Maybe a little more time and/or explanation). Reading other’s pieces—Excellent!  Would like more group feedback/process reflection on what they felt after performance—instruction on how to listen and share about what grabbed them, what felt strong.
It was an excellent experience.

Thanks to all of the poets who took the time to share their thoughts on our classes. We hope to see many of you again in our new May Poetry Workshops and hope you’ll check out our Summer Writing Program!