The Giga Herbs to Perform PTNYC Fundraiser

BIO: At the age of ten, Paul, Eric, Steve and Elsa were the founding members of the Giga Herbs! (Originally “The Sleepy Hamburger Gang” A.K.A The Bubu-Lubu Bunch). Although they weren’t physically acquainted with one another at that point, their spirits were bound by an unknowable instinct, a gravitational force of the soul much like that of the planets. This pulling caused the great Y2K infestation and forever fused megabits into their DNA. In 2010 they met, musically, in a small room adorned with Greek columns and Octopi, out in a white house on Staten Island. The rent was cheap so they forged their musical swords and never turned back. With Pauly “Premium” Americano on lead guitar, Hairy “Henny” Harry on bass, Steve MoneyMoney on drums and Elsa”Bicho” on Micro-Korg they form Giga Herbs!  (bio courtesy of the Giga Herbs)

POLISHED by Giga Herbs

  • What’s the importance of a creative/performative culture important to (NY, America, Globally, Locally…)?
Being performative/creative, even in your everyday life, is probably the most important and revolutionary thing you can do. Acting a favorite movie scene out or singing a unique song stops the straight line that our days have become. Everyone is capable of creativity and when they can harness that creative energy they are being honest with themselves. It is really important to be performative because that is the way you as an artist can connect with your listener. Connecting is vital because it is a display of shared feeling. One person is enough for this. When even one person can gain from a performance of creativity there is a bridge created where words were never placed.
  • What do you hope an audience takes away from your work?
We hope a given audience takes nothing, but instead share with us in a moment.
  • How do you think having a Poet and/or Artist as a teacher can affect what/how someone learns?

Poets and artists expose you to a way of seeing and thinking not normally supported by society in general. When you think and feel in a new way you learn perspective and understanding. That is the main thing that a teacher of creativity does for you. It makes you aware that there are other ways of thinking and there are people who think in other ways as well.

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