The Who’s Who of Great Weather for Media Reading at Way Station August 25th

┬áThe Who’s Who of Great Weather For Media

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Todd Anderson likes to make things and think about them. He currently is developing a new performance medium called hotwriting which uses a projector, sound design, images and hotkey-generated strings of text. It’s pretty fun. He is also the producer of the Poetry Observed video series and a co-founder of Medici, a subscription-based crowdfunding site for artists. You should collaborate with him on something, or at least come say ‘hi.’ Find his work online at and

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John W. Snyder is a poet who has fought his whole life to find the right words–sometimes he loses.

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Thomas Henry is a poet from Brooklyn, New York. In his youth, while working at a local hardware store, he was accused of stealing. At the trial, he represented himself and won the case.

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