10 Reasons Why Poetry Teachers NYC Workshops Work!


Poetry Teachers NYC Dec. Workshop Class at The Bowery Poetry Club. Photo via Anton Yakovlev

Poetry Teachers NYC Dec. Workshop Class at The Bowery Poetry Club. Photo via Anton Yakovlev

As Ralph Waldo Emerson beautifully wrote,“What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within.” Poetry Teachers NYC advocates the importance of exploring one’s own creative potential. Whether you’re a practiced poet or poetry enthusiast looking to take a creative leap, a workshop is one of the best ways to connect with your inner artist. As you may have heard, we’re gearing up for our third poetry workshop series at The Bowery Poetry Club (aka Bowery Arts and Science).  So, if you want to fill your Sunday’s with more creativity here are the top 10 reasons that PTNYC workshops will work for you:

  1. Networking Opportunities

    “Networking” is a term that gets thrown around in business, but is equally important for poets and artists. By interacting with classmates, instructors, and the Bowery Poetry community, you’ll meet amazing  people who will influence both your work and your career. We’ve met lots of cool people ranging from artists, musicians, members of the media, and mentors. By mingling and working with diverse groups, we become better artists AND listeners as well.

  2. Be Part Creative Community

    It’s tough to carve out time to be creative, especially in New York City, where there are so many things to do and people to see and lots of money to make! Being part of a creative community will help keep you grounded, inspired, and committed to your craft. Our instructors and students form a colorful collage of professors and performers, makers and marketers, and passionate people of all types. Our classes become a close knit group, one that you’ll look forward to coming “home” to and sharing words with every Sunday (we do!).

  3. Triple the Value: Our 3-instructor Approach

    That’s right, each workshop is run by three super-smart instructors—professional poets Dan Dissinger, Aimee Herman, and Megan DiBello. Our instructors share similar passions but come from diverse backgrounds, and each offers unique perspective as well as constructive feedback. Our three-instructor approach also allows for more individualized attention. The wonderfully bad jokes and quirky anecdotes you’ll hear every class are icing on the proverbial cake!

  4. Conquer Writing AND Performance

    This isn’t just a writing workshop, it’s a creative voice workshop. By addressing all facets of craft and presentation, we focus on the formation of the artist as both a writer and a performer. This is especially beneficial for poets who are new to the page, the stage, or both. By challenging yourself to first lay your words bare and then own them through your reading, you will emerge from our workshops having taken on two birds at once, so to speak. (We don’t advocate throwing stones).

  5. Creative Flexibility

    Our workshops offer the opportunity for you not just to hone your craft, but also explore your art. Classes provide open discussion on the writing process and how to lift our words toward sound and movement. We move from silent writing sessions to help you draw out your poetic voice, to personalized performance exercises designed  to give that voice expression. We’ve had students alight balconies to sing their words and  move through invisible bookshelves packed with tomes referenced in their writing. We encourage you to explore new modes of performance that help you access the truth in your poetry.

  6. Perform at The Bowery Poetry Club – and Get Published!

    As part of our workshop series, each student will get on stage and perform a finished piece during  The Poet in New York‘s open mic series at The Bowery.  The Poet in New York is online poetry magazine founded by the The Bowery Art & Science, which publishes selected works voted on by open mic audiences. December’s winning poem,”Dear Samuel,” was written and performed by own of our students, Francesca Coppola. The Poet in New York will also be publishing a book at the end of this year, so if your poem is chosen you will also get to see your work in print. Pretty rad.

  7. Be Featured on the PTNYC Blog

    Our students are the lifeblood of our organization and we want the world to know who you are.  We give you the chance to speak to the larger poetic community about yourself, your experience, and your craft. and hopefully inspire other poets.

  8. Be Recorded & Published on In-Stereo Press

    Dan Dissinger, PTNYC ‘s Chief Operating Officer and faculty member, is also the founder of the online audio zine, In Stereo Press. Students will have the opportunity to record their poems and be featured alongside other impressive readers.  Talk about vocal exposure—maybe you’ll discover a career in voice overs!

  9. Chance to Perform at Our 4/12 Event

    On April 12, Poetry Teachers NYC is hosting a HUGE event alongside one of New York’s most popular open mic series and one of the hottest poetry presses (details to come!). There will be music, performance, painting, haiku…and possibly YOU. One lucky student from our February workshop series will be chosen to be amongst the evening’s performers.

  10. Accessible Experience

    Cultivating your inner artist doesn’t mean that you need to quit your day job, hole up in the hills and commune with just rabbits and your words (though wouldn’t that be nice)? Our workshops help you carve out a space in your life to keep creativity kindling. Our classes are conveniently held on Sunday afternoons (always the best time for writing!). We also keep our class fees manageable for artists on any budget.

Dedicating the time to your craft and laying your work bare before strangers to dissect can certainly be challenge, but Poetry Teachers NYC is committed to creating a safe, open space for you to flourish. As former students attest, the personal rewards of our workshops trump any reason for hesitation.

Spaces are still open—though limited—for our February workshop series, From Page To Stage. Click below to visit our eventbrite page and sign up:

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