Poetry Teachers NYC offers a variety of services for groups spanning both creative workshops for creative writers, corporate brainstorming sessions, and extensive retreats.  PTNYC offers goal oriented one-on-one coaching, both in person and via Skype. Lastly, Poetry Teachers NYC plans and hosts creative events.

Group Services:  With the unique perspective of three working creative writers, a PTNYC group session is a fun, high intensity experience.  By utilizing the most effective aspects of improvised performance techniques, icebreaking writing exercises, and concentrated group sessions, Poetry Teachers NYC helps foster valuable creative results, specific to your group’s desired needs.

One-On-One Coaching:  The writing coaches at Poetry Teachers NYC are published poets, seasoned performers, college professors, working in the private sector, are copywriters, etc.  When you work with a coach at PTNYC, you are not only cultivating your creative voice, you are becoming part of a larger creative community through personalized mentorship.  This a goal-oriented process, all dependent on your specific needs and desires.  Coaching is also available via Skype and Google Hangout.

Creative Hosting:  Poetry Teachers NYC can turn your everyday gallery opening, corporate event, or party into a unique creative experience.  A PTNYC hosted event is personalized to your specific space, needs, and highlights NYC’s best in visual artists, poets, and musicians.


Megan DiBello: Poetry Teachers NYC Educator

Megan DiBello

PTNYC CEO and Founder. Poet and Performer with a Master of Fine Arts degree. Let Megan help you with:

  • Actionable Taglines
  • Creative Copy for Projects and Web
  • Creative Writing and Editing
  • Resumes and Professional Development
  • Life Coaching
Aimee Herman: PTNYC Tutor

Aimee Herman

Performance Poet, Writer and Instructor with a Master of Fine Arts degree. Let Aimee help you with:

  • Essays and Expository Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Resume Building
  • Personal Statements and Cover Letters

Janine Stankus

Professional Writer/Editor and Copywriter with Online Marketing background. Possesses a Master of Arts degree in Literature from NYU. Let Janine help you with:

  • Academic Writing/Essay Composition
  • Article Writing and Blogging
  • Literature Assignments
  • LinkedIn Profiles & Personal Branding