The Wednesday Writing Tip: Border Crossing Collabortation

by: Daniel Dissinger

Hey All,

Even as the world becomes smaller, it just seems like we’re isolating ourselves a lot more.  We distract our time away from having face-to-face conversations in order to answer a text, an email, or retweet something ridiculous.  #WhyDidIDoThat.

Unfortunately, this influences our creativity, and can make our metaphors, similes, and language come off dull and flat.  imagesSo, how can we spice things up at the ole writing desk?

Poetry Teachers NYC is a strong advocate of COLLABORATION.  Adding a new VOICE to your poem could breathe a lot of life and vigor into the poetic space.  Think about it like a recipe.  You want to have LAYERS of FLAVOR, so working with another poet could be the ingredient you needed.  Or, push the boundaries of COLLABORATION even further and work with a poet in a another city!  Use technology to your advantage.   Blur those borders.  Build bridges with language.  Re-energize your poetics by building with other poets.

If you collaborate with another poet, PTNYC would love to see, hear, and/or read your work.  Send us your collaboration with a short explanation of the process, bios of the poets, and pictures of the poets, and maybe your work will be FEATURED on our Blog.

Be Part of the Art!!!

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