The Wednesday Writing Tip/Prompt: Cutting Up the Language of Others

by: Daniel Dissinger

This week’s writing tip/prompt comes from the multidimensional mind of Aimee Herman.   Take a creative risk, but be careful to not run with the scissors:

Cutting Up the Language of Others

Go to the library or your bookshelf. Choose three books of different genres. Psychology? History? Fiction? Children’s book? This is your opportunity to capture language that you may not already be incorporating into your work. On a blank sheet of paper, choose a few words to sprinkle into your poetic vocabulary. Try to find a variation of parts of speech. Some nouns, verbs, adjectives.

See what arrives!

Poetry Teachers NYC is interested in featuring work inspired by these Writing Tips/Prompts.  Send us your work with a brief description of your journey, a picture of yourself (or from the writing period), and a brief bio to info@poetryteachersnyc.comBe Part of the Art!

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